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A Week with the Lions

On Monday we made "slime" out of cornflour, water and food colouring. One child said "I just want to do it all by myself!" So we went to the kitchen together and filled lots of little bowls with corn flour, we added egg cups of food colouring with pipettes and jugs of water, which the children loved independently refilling at the little sink! "I'm making soup!" they pretended as they mixed and poured! We also practised our fine motor skills by using 'squeezy fingers' with the glue gun! We created 3D lion pictures using pasta twists!

On Tuesday Jelly play was really enjoyed, we mixed the jelly and added the jelly into lots of different containers, like the ice cube trays, lolly moulds and cupcake cases! The children enjoyed chatting about colours and colour changes! "My favourite colour is "orange, red and green!" We also mixed paint as one of our spontaneous activities because the children were asking "How do we make purple?" once a grown up had helped the group mix paint to make purple, the children could be heard explaining to each other how "if you put red and blue in you get purple!"

On Wednesday we had a Dino land tuff tray, the children all showed high levels of engagement using the natural resources to create "houses", "beds" and to use as "lunch" for the Dinos. We also showed of our shape skills, by mark making in small sand trays. "I can do a circle it goes round and round, one child said!

On Thursday we practised our throwing skills with some target practice! The children created their own games, telling each other which numbers to aim for! One child even added up their scores! "I got 2 and 1 that's 3!" We were very impressed with the turn taking we saw during this activity too!

Finally today (Friday) we explored natural autumnal resources in a tuff tray with magnifying glasses! "I think this is for the worms to hibernate!" One child suggested whilst investigated the pine cone branch! We also practised our fine motor skills once more by using little hammers and golf tees, we hammered the golf tees into some of our home grown marrows! This activity went down very well with all of the children, and we saw very high engagement levels throughout the morning!


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