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Citrus Sensory & Gardening

The Tigers (Toddlers) have had a very busy day today. To start, the children helped to cut the fruit needed for their sensory tray, which included, lemons, limes and oranges. We enhanced this by adding the ice from the chosen voted activity last week.

They then went in to the wildlife garden to explore and some of the children noticed we had some vegetables ready to pick. They helped to pick the tomatoes, cucumber (which they later tried for snack) and runner beans, before Kirsty noticed there were also some peas ready.

We picked a few pea pods and the children all tried to open a pod each. They also tried to eat some peas, one child LOVED them! the others were not as keen. With the left over peas, we added them in to the mud kitchen for the children to explore and 'cook' with. They had a fantastic time being able to explore using their own imaginations!


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