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Lots of fun in Lions

In the Lions room we had a fantastic last few weeks of term with lots of lovely messy activities.

On Monday we explored porridge oats with various sized bowls, and spoons. The children loved this, it got them using lots of fantastic size related language. "Mine is the big bowl", "The blue one is tiny" are some examples. One child asked if she could add water to the porridge because "its not real if its flaky!" so we used jugs to add water. This triggered one child to say "let's get the baby she can eat the porridge!" The children bought the high chair and baby over to the table and began to feed her!

On Tuesday we had great fun colour mixing in corn flower and with water. One child remembered how to make purple! "It's red and blue that makes purple!" She told her friends.

As well as this we made some delicious pumpkin soup! The children enjoyed chopping the pumpkins into little piece. Some of the children then helped to blend the soup! We were then able to take this home to eat!

On Wednesday we had lots of fun in the glittery pony foam, exploring the marks we made, and engaging in pretend play! The children then helped to make small world dinosaur trays using sand and natural resources! The children had great fun! We look forward to updating you on all our half term fun next week!


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