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Parent Notice - Sunshine

I'm sure you are all very pleased the sun is now shining, and with the sun comes the high UV levels. When the UV is 3 and above at nursery it is our policy that children are sun creamed and are wearing hats.

Please could we ask that parents are bringing children to nursery already sun creamed. Even though the mornings are still chilly sometimes by the lunch time the UV can be quite high.

As the weather gets settled we will set our sun cream station up in the corridor, as we know how busy mornings can be!

If your child needs their own sun cream could you please provide a named bottle that we can keep at nursery or that can be kept in the bag.

Also please could we ask that all children bring a named sun hat with them. We offer free-flow play throughout the nursery so children can choose whether to learn inside or outside, so children do spend lots of time outside. Please be assured we do have drink stations set up, and as the summer progresses we will ensure there are still lots of shady areas for children to play in.

Thank you very much for your continued support. Enjoy the sunshine!


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