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Sensory Play for Lions

We have had another fantastic week in the Lions room. We have been very busy with more exciting activities. On Monday we had lots of fun helping to look after pickle and patch, who seemed to be a bit hungry in the garden! So we found some cucumber and used safety knives to chop it into little pieces which were ok for them to eat! They loved this!

On Tuesday we had great fun in the pouring drinks sensory tray! We had ice cubes to scoop, and coloured water to pour and mix! "I make you a cup of tea?" One child asked. "When the blue goes with yellow we make green." Said another child when mixing the two jugs of water.

On Wednesday morning we chopped celery using scissors and knives, the children showed really high engagement levels throughout this activity, using language like "too hard" and "its stringy" to describe the celery. In the afternoon the children wanted to create a builders yard, we found lots of sensory materials to add to the tuff tray with the builders trucks. This sensory tray then turned into a mark making tray, "I will do Mummy" said one child as she made marks in the remains of the flour.

On Thursday the children were talking about how they play with slime at home. So we decided to make some gloop using cornflour and water, the children mixed this in the large tray with spoons, they then decided to mix paint in to see what would happen. "Wow, it's like a rainbow!" was the response!

Finally today we have been showing off our fine motor skills with the tweezers, we picked the objects out of the tray!


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